Precision Livestock Farming Platform

Livestocker is a multi-species integrated livestock farming management system which comprises built-in ERP, BI and CRM. It accelerates data collecting and makes the decision making process a lot easier. Thanks to it's multifunctionality it can truly helps the user achieve the main goal - profit maximalisation. Meanwhile it provides real time information on production costs - for example shows the profitability of every production cycle. What is more it gives the user insights in feed budget optimizing. Therefore we offer this solution to every 'livestocker' who wants to get rid of excel sheets and paperwork to save time and money.

The Smart Animal Farming Company

A Livestocker egy integrált, állatfajok szerint specifikálható, vállalatirányítási (ERP), üzleti elemző (BI), és vevőkapcsolati management (CRM) rendszer. Felgyorsítja az adatgyűjtést és a döntési folyamatokat.

Kiknek nyújt megoldást?

Minden olyan állattenyésztő, állattartó vállalkozás számára megoldást nyújt, aki szeretne megszabadulni a sok papírmunkától, elege van az excel táblák folyamatos töltögetéséből és emellett nem csak időt, de pénzt is szeretne megtakarítani.

World population growth will accelerate in the upcoming decades. Urbanisation cause the growth of the middle-class thus the protein consumption will be way more higher. There isn't enough resources to fulfill this need thus increase effectiveness is obligatory and inevitable. In the past decade the improvement of production technology and genetics were the engine of developement. In the next years and decades those will be replaced by collecting and analyzing data with the purpose of process optimization. We at Livestocker are fully committed to accelerate this process and the development of data-based precision livestock farming. Our mission is to open the gate for everyone to use the technology of the future and generate profit from doing so. To achieve this goal as soon as possible we develop different solutions to collect data from different IoT assets. Our partnership with IBM allows us to utilize the possibilities and unlimited resources of IBM Watson and Visual Recognition.

Livestocker is an integrated precision livestock farming software - contains BI and ERP functions and modules - suitable for all type of livestock farming methods. Our motivation is to create valuable information for the owners thus decision taking becomes easier.

Our story begins in 2013 when our CEO and owner - András Moldován - started to look for a suitable livestock farming software. However he did not find any thus he come up with his own to standardize data collecting and create useful information from it. During 2014 multiple livestock farm owners who turned to him were having the same problem he faced earlier and this verified the path and assured András that the lead was great. Hence in 2015 he founded his company - AnimalSoft Kft. - with a purpose to develop a multi-species, integrated and modular livestock farming management ERP software. In this year the swine fattening, turkey, waterfowl and broiler configurations were finished. In 2017, issued by one of our largest users, we developped the egg production configuration thus we are able to manage all process of an egg producing company. 2018 we finished the swine breeding configuration with which we are able to for example calculate the cost of born and weaned pigs on a batch basis. In addition we can create financial and technical reports about the permormance of a specified sow or boar. By 2019 we crossed the national boundaries calling for worldwide attention for Livestocker and create availability, enabling it to become used among all livestock farmers.

With us you can collect data fast and simply. We can import the data for you from the IoT solution you use at your farm. The data we collect is based on the information you need. You want to analyze the mortalities? No problem! You want to know the FCR? Just one click! You want to check the cost of the feed? Any time! We also calculates the cost of meds per animal and you can also see the cost of your treatments.

Structuring data let us create information about the full process from production to commercial. Hence optimizing becomes easier. Also you will have queries based on standard, technical and financial indicators. In this way you can evaluate your genetics or for example how your feeding process effects your profitability. However the evaluating process is quite complex thus we create an index based on the standard indicators such as the daily mass growth, mortalities and the feed cost based on the FCR. With the help of this - the LiveStocker Product Index - evaluate the production process is simple and easy.

We develop Livestocker according to the customer's demands. Usually it is based on the information they want to get. When we develop new functions the main focus is on the simplicity of data-gathering which is necessary for creating the required information. During beta-version of a new function we give insights to our customers so that the released version will absolutely be the one they wanted.

Using Livestocker all data will be stored in a structurized way - this is your virtual farm. The information you need will be generated from here with a few click. Even if necessary new queries can be created to fulfill your demands. The software also makes reporting easier since obligatory reports can be uploaded towards authorities (such as ENAR, the government etc.) and breeding companies (like DanAvl, Hypor etc.) in seconds.

Livestocker gives you real time information from the specified batch, time period and farm. Planning module will make decision taking super-easy with its optimiser functions - such as the weight category or feed-mixer optimiser. For example you can easily check how you can increase your profit on sales! In addition to the optimisers we have built-in benchmarking tool as well.

Valuable information is important for everyone hence creating such - from gathered data - is our main focus. We also care about simplicity and clearness thus we also create graphs in addition to reports. We can handle multiple users with different user rights. In addition we have an App which makes data recording easy and quick.