What are we doing? 

collect data

Collect data

With us you can collect data fast and simply. We can import the data for you from the IoT solution you use at your farm.
The data we collect is based on the information you need.
You want to analyze the mortalities? No problem!
You want to know the FCR? Just one click!
You want to check the cost of the feed? Any time!
We also calculates the cost of meds per animal and you can also see the cost of your treatments.
process data

Process data

Structuring data let us create information about the full process from production to commercial. Hence optimizing becomes easier.
Also you will have queries based on standard, technical and financial indicators. In this way you can evaluate your genetics or for example how your feeding process effects your profitability.
However the evaluating process is quite complex thus we create an index based on the standard indicators such as the daily mass growth, mortalities and the feed cost based on the FCR. With the help of this - the LiveStocker Product Index - evaluate the production process is simple and easy.
user focused development

User focused development

We develop Livestocker according to the customer's demands. Usually it is based on the information they want to get.
When we develop new functions the main focus is on the simplicity of data-gathering which is necessary for creating the required information.
During beta-version of a new function we give insights to our customers so that the released version will absolutely be the one they wanted.