What we offer?



Using Livestocker all data will be stored in a structurized way - this is your virtual farm. The information you need will be generated from here with a few click. Even if necessary new queries can be created to fulfill your demands.
The software also makes reporting easier since obligatory reports can be uploaded towards authorities (such as ENAR, the government etc.) and breeding companies (like DanAvl, Hypor etc.) in seconds.


Livestocker gives you real time information from the specified batch, time period and farm.
Planning module will make decision taking super-easy with its optimiser functions - such as the weight category or feed-mixer optimiser. For example you can easily check how you can increase your profit on sales!
In addition to the optimisers we have built-in benchmarking tool as well.
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User friendly software

Valuable information is important for everyone hence creating such - from gathered data - is our main focus.
We also care about simplicity and clearness thus we also create graphs in addition to reports.
We can handle multiple users with different user rights.
In addition we have an App which makes data recording easy and quick.